What to take with you?

Do you go canoeing for the first time? You may ask, what shall you take with you. Here you can learn some tips and tricks.

The most important thing is a proper tent! Tent will protect you and your things when it's raining. If you do not have a good tent, you can rent one for your canoeing trip from POVODA.

You should pack standard things which you would need for one week in nature. Do not forget following:

  • Swimming suit
  • Hat (against sun) 
  • Raincoat or waterproof jacket
  • Water-shoes - best are special neopren shoes, or normal sport shoes. Shoes must not swim away from you if you fall out of the boat. Flip flops are not a good solution.
  • Good hiking shoes for the evenings - grass in camps can become wet and in the evening you will appreciate dry and warm feet
  • Warm sleeping bag (at night it can be cold)
  • Pocket light or head light
  • Portable stove and cooking equipment (when you plan to cook on your own)


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What to take with you? Všeobecné podmínky Koloběžky - půjčovna Kemp Horka
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