Canoeing in Eastern Europe

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Canoeing in Croatia


Dalsi texty, tentokrat akce v zahranici

Croatia has everything what you need for perfect canoeing holidays - warm weather, challenging but not dangerous rivers and pure and clean water. On our trips we will visit rivers Kupa, Korana, Zrmanja, Cetina and Mreznica.

Canoeing in Albania


Dalsi texty, tentokrat akce v zahranici

Join us on a canoeing trip to this beatiful and wild country. We will paddle on virgin rivers through calcite rocks without end. We will eat fresh fishes, visit old villages and towns, admire historical monuments from antic times. For more info click here.

Canoeing in Slovakia - river Hron

Hron river

Visit with us the best Slovakian river for canoeing -  the river Hron. We will start our journey bellow the mountains Nizke Tatry. The swift stream with just a few weirs will carry us through the towns Banska Bystrice, Zvolen and Ziar nad Hronom. We will visit old ruins and monasteries, eat slovakian national food "halusky" and - of course - drink beer which is as good as the Czech one. For more info click here.

Poland - rivers Dunajec and Poprad

Dunajec river

Close to Slovakian borders the rivers Dunajec and Poprad offer amazing experience for paddlers. Moderate stream with few friendly rapids will ensure adventure and adrenalin, beautiful nature of polish mountains Beskydy and Pieniny will provide us with romantic views from the boards of our canoes. One day paddling through the canyon of Pieniny calcite mountains will be the highlight of our tour. For more info click here.

Romania - wild Balkan in European Union

river Bistrica Aurie - Romania

Romania became a member of EU in 2006, but in some of the villages along rivers it seems that the time has stopped hundred years ago. People and goods are being transported by horses, houses are build of wood and rivers are hardly ever bound by weirs or other artificial constructions. For you we have selected three rivers which offer the best paddling experience. For more info click here.


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